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2019 Spring League Team Rosters

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Team Morrell Roster

Name Pos
Kenton MorrellSkip
Karen HallVice
Chris HallSecond
Chris TurgeonLead

Team R-Smith Roster

Name Pos
Clarence CorrellSecond
Joe ParisiLead
Ryan SmithSkip
Scott LuckingVice

Team Chasteen Roster

Name Pos
Lee ChasteenSkip
Jillene VanHoyVice
Larry BarthelemySecond
Hal BanksLead

Team Newberry Roster

Name Pos
Tom NewberrySkip
Matt QuattlebaumVice
Jim CunySecond
Amy CunyLead

Team Hutson Roster

Name Pos
Kevin HutsonSkip
Doug SnyderVice
Liz FosterSecond
Paige AndersonLead

Team Jones Roster

Name Pos
Matt JonesSkip
Kevin CrawfordVice
Lori CrawfordSecond
Greg WhitlowLead

Team Fort Roster

Name Pos
Daniel FortSkip
Jesse WaldoVice
Al WargoSecond
Patti WargoLead

Team Ewing Roster

Name Pos
Robert EwingSkip
Erik RhineVice
Ann MerrymanSecond
Brandy WaltersLead

Team Parker Roster

Name Pos
Keith ParkerSkip
Beth RomigVice
Bryan RomigSecond
Laura ThompsonLead

Team Sharkey Roster

Name Pos
Matt SharkeySkip
David GilpinVice
Jennifer MasonSecond
Richard UptonLead

Team Newell Roster

Name Pos
Dannie NewellSkip
Kristin SharpeVice
Michael CottonSecond
Kimberly CottonLead

Team Roark Roster

Name Pos
Alison RoarkSkip
Brian Champion-WescottVice
Anthony ViachoyannisSecond
Marisa HannaLead

Team Shaw Roster

Name Pos
Alan ShawSkip
Rick BestVice
Kraig PringleSecond
Erin HalliseyLead

Team Odlevak Roster

Name Pos
Sherri OdlevakSkip
Lisa CobbVice
Misty ClevengerSecond
Clayton ClevengerLead

Team Marshall Roster

Name Pos
Bill MarshallSkip
Linda MarshallVice
Michael MorrisSecond
Daniel WallesLead

Team Parsons Roster

Name Pos
Lori ParsonsSkip
David DacquistoVice
Robin MillerSecond
Bridget BloodLead

Team Burrows Roster

Name Pos
Grant BurrowsSkip
Garrett ClarkVice
Evan ClarkSecond
Connor ClarkLead

Team King Roster

Name Pos
Lee KingSkip
Michael BarberVice
Cody MillerSecond
Laurie MillerLead