Executive Board

Our executive board consists of 9 members, board members are elected to 2 year terms. Half of the board is elected each calendar year at our annual meeting. If you are interested in joining our club email one of the board members below or contact info@palmettocurling.com.

President – Alison Roark president@palmettocurling.com

Vice President – Jillene Van Hoy vicepresident@palmettocurling.com

Treasurer – Keith Parker treasurer@palmettocurling.com

Secretary –  Kristin Sharpe secretary@palmettocurling.com

At Large – Bill Marshall bmarshall@palmettocurling.com

At Large – Robert Ewing rewing@palmettocurling.com

At Large – Matt Sharkey msharkey@palmettocurling.com

At Large – Ryan Smith rsmith@palmettocurling.com

At Large – Daniel Fort dfort@palmettocurling.com


In addition there is one non-board position:

GNCC Representative – Alan Shaw gnccrep@palmettocurling.com


For website comments and issues, please contact the Webmaster webmaster@palmettocurling.com