Spring League 2022 Signup

This season,  we’ll continue our regular 2 draws on Tuesday night, 7pm & 9pm.

 The 2022 Spring League will be 10 weeks long.  The first week will begin on March 8th and the season will conclude the week of May 17th.  Ice prep will begin at 6:30pm with slot terbaru games starting at 7pm and 9pm, as long as we have the numbers to support two draws.

League members will be guaranteed one playing partner.  Both partners must request each other in the signup form to guarantee the match.

Payments will be collected after you complete the registration process.  

Prior to league registration, if you haven’t already, you will need to renew or signup for PCC membership HERE


If you are a NEW member who has gone through one of our open houses, and would like to play with us this season, use the following link:

NEW Members