The Palmetto Curling Club hosts league play Tuesday nights at The Pavilion in Taylors, SC. League play consists of weekly draws ending with a playoff/championship draw at the end of the season. We host two leagues each year. One begins in September continuing until December (Fall League).  The second begins in January and continues until April/May (Spring League).

If you have never played in a league with us, you can sign up without paying membership fees.  If you are a returning member, please make sure your membership is current before registering.

All leagues are co-ed and open to all club members of all skill levels. A substitute list is maintained for any team member who is unable to play during a week.

Past Leagues

2023 Spring League Champions – Team Sharkey:  Matt Sharkey, Garrett Clark, Josh Sbardella, Alex DeLorme

2022 Fall League Champions – Team Cadd: Paul Cadd, Matt Whaley, Brianna Faris, Steve Giordano

2022 Spring League Champions – Team Parker: Keith Parker, Scott Lucking, Luke DiMaggio, Cory Reardon

2021 Fall League Champions -Team Smith:  Ryan Smith, Doug Synder, Bill Fox, Jack Sexton

2021 Spring League Champions –  Team Clark: Garrett Clark, David Gilpin, Jennifer Mason, Paul Cadd

2020 Fall League Champions –  Team Smith:  Ryan Smith, Lee King, Jim Cuny, Amy Cuny

2020 Spring League – Covid… ugh…

2019 Fall League Champions –  Team Sharkey:  Matt Sharkey, Garrett Clark, Jillene Van Hoy, Paul Cadd

USWCA All-American Champions – Team Roark:  Alison Roark, Lori Parsons, Ann Merryman, Beth Romig, Erin Hallisey

2019 Spring League Champions –  Team Roark:  Alison Roark, Brian Champion-Wescott, Anthony Vlachoyannis, Marissa Hanna

2018 Fall League Champions –  Team Ewing:  Robert Ewing, David Silen, Beth Romig, Bryan Romig

2018 Spring Championship League Champions – Team Neufeld: Jason Neufeld, Lee Chasteen, Jackson Downey, and Larry Barthelemy

2018 Spring Poinsett League Champions – Team Smith:  Doug Smith, John Bartoli, Steve Fitzgerald-Hobbs, William Newton

2018 Winter League Champions – Team Roark:  Alison Roark, Kenton Morrell, Brian Champion-Wescott, Chris Turgeon

2017 Fall League Champions – Team Sharpe:  Nathan Sharpe, Kristin Sharpe, John Barthel, Laura Thompson

2017 Spring League Champions – Team Neufeld:  Jason Neufeld, TJ Cofield, Lucas Snipes, Dan Ligon

2016 Fall League Champions – Team Smith: Ryan Smith, Dannie Newell, Tom Newberry, Jared Pienkos

2016 Spring League Champions – Team Neufeld: Jason Neufeld, Kurt Wagner, Matt Jones, TJ Cofield

2015 Fall League Champions – Team Neufeld: Jason Neufeld, Kurt Wagner, Matt Jones, TJ Cofield

2015 Spring League Champions – Team Smith: Ryan Smith, Keith Parker, Nathan Sharpe, Kristin Sharpe

2014 Fall League Champions – Team Chabot: Marcel Chabot, Robert Ewing, John/Kathy Corcoran, Gene Kaminski

2014 Spring League Champions – Team Fort: Daniel Fort, Matt Cooney/Beau Welling, Dannie Newell, Brian Steadman

2013 Fall League Champions – Team Foster: Glenn Foster, Kay Oken, Keith Parker

2013 Spring League Champions – Team Sharkey: Matt Sharkey, Ryan Smith, Steven Hollan, Eddie Shirley

2012 Fall League Champions – Team Welling: Beau Welling, Matt Cooney, Steven Holland, Alan Shaw

2012 Spring League Champions – Team Peper: Lon Peper, Beau Welling, Apryl Rash/Kris Krystyniak, Alan Shaw

2011 Fall League Champions – Team Marshall: Bill Marshall, Jim Webb, Linda Marshall, Apryl Rash