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Team R Smith Spring 2019

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Download the R Smith 2019 Spring Schedule Here!

Team R-Smith Roster

Name Pos
Clarence CorrellSecond
Joe ParisiLead
Ryan SmithSkip
Scott LuckingVice

Team R Smith Schedule Results

Tue, 5 Feb Team Fort - 2019 Spring L 1-9 Pavilion Sheet 4
Tue, 12 Feb Team Roark - 2019 Spring L 4-11 Pavilion Sheet 2
Tue, 19 Feb Team Chasteen - 2019 Spring W 10-2 Pavilion Sheet 1
Tue, 26 Feb Team King - 2019 Spring L 5-8 Pavilion Sheet 3
Tue, 5 Mar Team Newberry - 2019 Spring L 5-8 Pavilion Sheet 1
Tue, 12 Mar Team Burrows - 2019 Spring W 9-6 Pavilion Sheet 2
Tue, 19 Mar Team Jones - 2019 Spring W 8-4 Pavilion Sheet 4
Tue, 26 Mar Team Shaw - 2019 Spring W 10-5 Pavilion Sheet 3
Tue, 2 Apr Team Newell - 2019 Spring L 3-7 Pavilion Sheet 1
Tue, 23 Apr Team Shaw - 2019 Spring W 4-0 Pavilion Sheet 1