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2019 Spring League Team Rosters

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[mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-morrell] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-r-smith] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-chasteen]
[mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-newberry] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-hutson] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-jones]
[mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-fort] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-ewing] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-parker]
[mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-sharkey] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-newell] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-roark]
[mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-shaw] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-odlevak] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-marshall]
[mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-parsons] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-burrows] [mstw-tr-roster team=2019-spring-team-king]