Open house action with the Palmetto Curling ClubFull Season Membership:  The Palmetto Curling Club seeks broad-based community support to help grow the sport of Curling in the Upstate of South Carolina.  The most fundamental way to help that effort is to join our Club as a Full Season Member and get involved in all of the Club’s activities!  Full Season Members will help shape and develop the Club’s policies, procedures and, most importantly, its culture.  In addition, a Full Season Member will be entitled to register for league play throughout the year

Our yearly membership runs from July 1st through June 30th.  The full season membership fee will cover yearly dues for the Palmetto Curling Club, the Grand National Curling Club, the US Curling Association, as well as the use of club equipment.  Full Season Members will be invited to all Club social activities, receive discounts on developmental curling and open ice sessions.

Cost for July – June:  $125

League Play Cost: In addition to, and separate from the yearly membership cost mentioned above, we need to pay for ice rental.  In order to cover the cost of ice to the Pavilion, we charge each league player a flat rate.  For most seasons, the cost of league play is $325.  We stagger the total league cost into two payments, one due at the beginning of league play and the second due one month later.  Each league player is responsible to pay $165 at the beginning of league play and another $160 is due one month later, for a total of $325 for the entire season.  If these payment options are not feasible at the moment, please contact our Treasurer at to make alternative arrangements.
Founding Patrons and Corporate Partners:   Upstate South Carolina is truly a distinctive community that will continue to grow and prosper.  We believe strongly that curling will make an innovative contribution to the culture and vision that is making the community such a uniquely sought-after place.  The Palmetto Curling Club seeks to find Founding Patrons and Corporate Sponsors who are willing to help support the growth of Curling in the Upstate in a significant way.  By lending support to the Club’s initial growth, Founding Patrons and Corporate Sponsors can accrue many benefits, including recognition on Club materials and online efforts, as well as equipment, such as curling stones.  Affiliation with the Club presents a unique marketing opportunity around a winter Olympic sport, which is international by nature and distinctively based on traditions, integrity and camaraderie.  Events can also be tailored to the needs and wishes of our Founding Patrons and Corporate Sponsors.  Please contact us to discuss these opportunities: