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Dedicated Ice

Our Own Facility

For the life of the club, the Palmetto Curling Club has enjoyed the generosity and hospitality of the Pavilion Recreation Center and Greenville County.  Eventually, we would like to grow and move to our own location.

Curling has exploded in popularity across the country.  Once an obscure sport, little known outside of Canada and Europe, curling has seen an increase in interest due to its inclusion in the Olympic Games.  And while terms like “hog line” and “hammer” are still not common sports terms in the southern United States, PCC has been able to introduce the sport to over 1000 people across upstate SC in its first decade.

Curling is for everyone.  Whether you are interested in training hard and competing every week, or you just want a fun and social activity, curling is appropriate for both.  Here at Palmetto Curling Club, we want to offer people the chance to play 7 days a week, not just for four hours on a Tuesday night.  The only way to accomplish this is with a dedicated, curling facility.

Curling, at its core, is all about community.  A place for people to gather and have a good time, while playing (or just watching) a wonderful sport.  A dedicated facility would open up the possibility for local colleges to field teams and compete, kids to come and learn to play, and curlers from across the continent to visit our beautiful region for bonspiels.

Our vision would include 3 to 4 sheets of ice, dedicated for curling, with a warm room area for broomstacking.  A wonderful vision, to be sure, but a costly one.  The total project is estimated to cost $460,000.

PCC has a plan to reach this goal through a combination of donations, grants, sponsorships, loans, and a lot of begging.

But first, we need your help.  Click the link to the right and see the reward options.  Any donation of $5 or more will earn gratitude and a gift from us.

Any questions, please email or contact one of the members of the executive board.

Thank You, and Good Curling!