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2019 Fall League Team Rosters

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Team Morrell Roster

Name Pos
Kenton MorrellSkip
Kevin CrawfordVice
Erin HalliseySecond
Andrew ReutlingerLead

Team R-Smith Roster

Name Pos
Ryan SmithSkip
Jennifer MasonSecond
Greg MarshallLead
David GilpinVice

Team Chasteen Roster

Name Pos
Lee ChasteenSkip
Greg WhitlowVice
Larry BarthelemySecond
Chris TurgeonLead

Team Newberry Roster

Name Pos
Tom NewberrySkip
Dannie NewellVice
Joe ParisiSecond
Al WargoLead

Team Hutson Roster

Name Pos
Kevin HutsonSkip
Keith ParkerVice
Liz FosterSecond
Joshua HutsonLead

Team D-Smith Roster

Name Pos
Mike ColemanLead
Doug SmithSkip
John BartoliVice
Steve FitzgeraldSecond

Team Barber Roster

Name Pos
Michael BarberSkip
Erik RhineVice
Paige AndersonSecond
Elizabeth RhineLead

Team Sharpe Roster

Name Pos
Nathan SharpeSkip
Kristin SharpeVice
Megan ZappitelliSecond
Nick ZappitelliLead

Team Silen Roster

Name Pos
Dave SilenSkip
Scott LuckingVice
Mike CottonSecond
Kim CottonLead

Team Sharkey Roster

Name Pos
Matt SharkeySkip
Garrett ClarkVice
Jillene VanHoySecond
Paul CaddLead

Team King Roster

Name Pos
Lee KingSkip
Doug SnyderVice
Jim CunySecond
Amy CunyLead

Team Roark Roster

Name Pos
Alison RoarkSkip
Brian Champion-WescottVice
Anna SeekatzSecond
Mark MazaitisLead

Team Dacquisto Roster

Name Pos
David DacquistoSkip
Robin MillerVice
Cody MillerSecond
Laurie MillerLead

Team Odlevak Roster

Name Pos
Sherri OdlevakSkip
Lisa CobbVice
Misty ClevengerSecond
Clayton ClevengerLead

Team Marshall Roster

Name Pos
Bill MarshallSkip
Linda MarshallVice
Chris SawhillSecond
Christine SawhillLead

Team Sherwood Roster

Name Pos
John SherwoodSkip
Beth RomigVice
Bridget BloodSecond
Bryan RomigLead

Team Burrows Roster

Name Pos
Grant BurrowsSkip
Kris KrystyniakVice
Hal BanksSecond
Ann MerrymanLead