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That First Bonspiel

What is a bonspiel anyway? It sounds like a German word and curling was created about the same time in Scotland as golf.  It’s not enough that we have to explain the game to all our non-curling friends; then we have these quirky little terms as well.  A bonspiel is a curling tournament and there …

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GNCC Championship Updates

The Palmetto Curling Club is making a good showing at the GNCC Championships.   Palmetto 1 (Team Marshall) lost their second match yesterday by a score of  7-4.   Both Palmetto 1 and 2 played at 10:15 this morning.  Palmetto 1 played Triangle 4, while Palmetto 2 played Charlotte 2.  Palmetto 1 bounced back against …

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GNCC Championship Update After Round 1

The Palmetto Curling Club has two teams entered into the GNCC Championship.   Palmetto 1 (Team Marshall) won their first match 6-4 while Palmetto 2 (Team Philip) won their match 11-4.   Palmetto 1 played again at 3:45 this afternoon (no results on that as of this writing) and Palmetto 2 plays tomorrow morning at …

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