Holiday Break

We have reached the holiday break. We will break for two weeks before completing the final 3 games of the regular season for all teams. We will resume curling on January 6 at 7pm

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fall standings 12-16

Turkey Day Break

7 games are completed and we have reached our Thanksgiving break. Heading into the holiday the Chabot and Marshall rinks lead the two divisions

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. We will resume curling on December 2 at 7pm.

fall standings 11-20

Fall League Play Kickoff Tuesday

Our fall league begins this Tuesday at 7:00pm

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. We have two draws per night website link. Ten teams with 38 members will play one draw each evening. The league will run for 14 weeks including a championship week on 1/27/2015.

More information here

Fall League Signups end Friday

Signups for our fall league and sublist end this Friday 9/26/2014. Play begins October 7 and goes through January, taking breaks for the holiday weeks. We will have two draws each Tuesday

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. Each team will play once a night.

A-Event Runners-Up in Inaugural Richmond Bonspiel

A team of three PCC members competed in the inaugural Rock Around the Clock All Night Bonspiel hosted by the Curling Club of Virginia in Richmond, VA. The bonspiel began at 8pm Saturday evening and concluded with the final draw at 10:30 am the following morning.

The PCC team was skipped by Ryan Smith, vice-skip was Kurt Wagner, second position was played by a Richmond member David Smith, and the lead was Brian Steadman. The team won their first two draws, 12-0 and 7-5 landing them in the A-Event finals

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. The finals were a tight match but the team fell 4-8 against a team from the home club.

Congratulations to the team for their achievement.


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