The experience of the 2014 Arena National Championship.

— Guest post by club member Nicole Plante


We had two teams representing the club; the men’s team: Daniel Fort, Ryan Smith, Matthew Jones and Kurt Wagner. The women’s team was Anne Wiggins, Nicole Plante, Sherri Odlevak and Lisa Cobb.

WOW what a fun experience!  It feels so good to play and actually be able to apply strategy to your game on excellent curling ice.  I think that the biggest challenge for us was to find the right weight to throw because the ice was so much faster than our home rink.

Believe me, it is a fantastic feeling to see your rock do exactly what the skip is asking you to do. That is when I realized what an exciting sport curling is. I learned a lot on strategy watching the other games and listening to the comments of the people around me.

Everybody is so enthusiastic and so friendly at this event that you become part of the great curling family.  You feel welcomed the minute you enter the arena.

In conclusion, I would encourage everybody to go to a bonspiel and live the exciting experience of curling!