Lineup For Week 13


Well this is it, the final week of our first league play!


We had a lot of action Tuesday evening, and at times it was quite noisy on the ice; a lot of close calls.  At the end of the evening the results were as follows:


Sheet 1:  Matt Cooney’s team defeated David Blamey’s Team in the consolation game.  This means that David’s team will “win” the first PCC Special trophy!!!


Sheet 2: Andy Philip’s team defeated Michel’s team in a decisive manner.  Congratulations to Andy and his team who are advancing to the Bronze Medal Game.


Sheet 3: Ann Wiggins’ team defeated Glen Foster’s team in a fairly close game. Congratulations to Ann and her team who are also advancing to the Bronze Medal Game.


Sheet 4:  Matt Sharkey’s team defeated Bill Marshall’s team in a “practice” game!  Be ready, next week’s for the South Carolina Title


So the lineup for week 13 (May 24) is as followed:


Sheet 2: The Gold Medal Game between Bill Marshall’s team and Mat Sharkey’s team.  The winner takes the Gold Medal and the PCC Champion Trophey.  The looser gets the Silver Medal.  Good luck to both teams!


Sheet 3: The Bronze Medal Game between Ann Wiggins’ team and Andy Philip’s team.  The winner takes the Bronze Medal and the looser takes… a better chance next time!  Good luck to both teams


Sheet 1 and sheet 4 is available for the other 4 teams to play against each other.  This is the 10th game for each team that all of us have paid for at the beginning of the season.  On Sheet 1 Glen Foster’s team could play against Matt Coney’s team and on sheet 4, David Blamey’s team could play against Michel’s team (Margot Shaffer will be the SKIP as Michel will be in France).  Please make sure that you will have enough players on your team to play; otherwise, please use the substitute list so that evryone can enjoy the last game, even if it is just for the pleasure of the game.


NOTE: Please remember that as per our rules, the Gold and Bronze medal games must have a winner (supplemental end).


Good curling to all of you!