GNCC Championships – Final Update

Palmetto 1 (Team Marshall) lost Saturday night, 6-4, and were eliminated from the Bonspiel, finishing with a 2-3 record.


Palmetto 2 (Team Philip) defeated Triangle 5, 12-9, to advance to Sundays games.  Kurt Wagner had this to share about this game: “The most exciting game I’ve played in. Possibly the game of the Bonspiel. In the 4th end we almost gave up 7

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. Andy made a great shot to takeout one of their rocks to give us shot rock. They had hammer, but the rock hit the two rocks they had at the top of the house and they couldn’t advance either one. We somehow managed to get one. We were up 8-6 after 6 ends, but they scored 3 in the 7th to take a 9-8 lead. In the 8th end they had shot rock just inside the 4 ft on the right side. Andy had a great takeout that left us sitting 4. (We were the only sheet still playing, and most of the other teams that just finished, plus some other spectators stayed to watch. It was awesome, there was a loud cheer when we made that shot!) They had to try to draw for 1 with their last rock, but it went through the house. We didn’t have to throw our last rock.”


Palmetto 2 played Sunday morning, losing 13-4 against Triangle 2, putting them out of the Bonspiel.


A very good showing by The Palmetto Curling Club.  Well done, teams!