1712 Cup (2012 – Round 1)

On Friday, May 4, 2012, the Charlotte Curling Club hosted the first half of our Friendly for the 1712 Cup for 2012.  This is the second annual Friendly with the Charlotte Curling Club.  There were four rinks and four matches, good competition and a lot of fun.  Each club won 2 events, however the events use a point system, based on Points scored and Ends won.  Below are the results:


Sheet 1: Palmetto (Team Peper) 13 (13.25 points)  d. Charlotte (Team Jennings) 7 (5.75 points)
Team Peper – Lon Peper, David DeLauder, Brett Wilson & Grant Burrows
Team Jennings – Sylvia & Paul Jennings, Susan MacIsaac & Karen Miller


Sheet 2: Charlotte (Team McKee) 8 (12 points) d. Palmetto (Team Plante) 3 (3.75 points)
Team McKee – Steve McKee, David Pollard, Brooke Lenon & Lindsey McKee
Team Plante – Michel Plante, Kurt Wagner, Nicole Plante & Matthew Jones


Sheet 3: Palmetto (Team Wiggins) 8 (12 points) d

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. Charlotte (Team DeFehr) 3 (3.75 points)
Team Wiggins – Anne Wiggins, Sherri Odlevak, Lisa Cobb & Steven Holland
Team DeFehr – David DeFehr, Wayne Remmel, Sam Corning, & Ann Murphy


Sheet 4: Charlotte (Team Hozjan) 7 (10.75 points) d. Palmetto (Team Marshall) 6 (5.5 Points)
Team Hozjan – Jeremy Hozjan, Jessica Herzog, Joel Drouillard, & Carol McKee
Team Marshall – Bill Marshall, Kay Oken, Ryan Smith & Linda Marshall


The current standing are Palmetto 34.5 points to Charlotte 32.25 points.


Palmetto Curling Club will be hosting the second half of the Friendly at a date to be determined.  Each club will again field four rinks for four matches.  The club with the most combined points of both halves of the Friendly will own the 1712 Cup.


The 1712 Cup name was derived from the year that Carolina split into North and South Carolina.