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2018 Spring League Schedule & Results

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Detailed Draw Results

[mstw_tourney_bracket tourney=’2018-spring-champ-1-2s’]

CONSOLATION GAME – Sharkey (5) vs Quattlebaum (9) – May 15th 7pm – Sheet 4

[mstw_tourney_bracket tourney=’2018-spring-champ-3-4s’]

CONSOLATION GAME – Magner (6) vs Sharpe (8) – May 15th 7pm – Sheet 3


Delauder/Jones (7) vs Burrows (5) –  May 15th 9pm – Sheet 2

Kalisman (4) vs Barthel (7)  – May 15th 9pm – Sheet 3

Newberry/Pienkos (3) vs Morrell (8)  – May 15th 9pm – Sheet 4




[mstw_tourney_bracket tourney=’2018-poinsett-1v4-2v3′]

Ewing (10) vs King (2) – May 1st – 9pm Sheet 1
Odlevak (7) vs King (2) – May 8th – 7pm Sheet 2


Full Schedule and Results