Disney On Ice Goes Curling With Palmetto Curling Club

This past Tuesday some of the stars and crew of  Disney on Ice –

Princess Classics joined the Palmetto Curling Club at the Pavilion for an evening of curling and camaraderie.

While our regular Tuesday night game was being played on Sheet 4, Michel Plante and Anne Wiggins had their brooms busy teaching two groups on Sheets 1 and 2.  The first group of 13 enthusiastic young people were from the touring Disney on Ice – Princess Classics show, playing this weekend at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC.  Two of the crew members were experienced ice-makers and, as a result, sized up our ice very quickly.  After some Learn to Curl instructions, we made those two crew members Skips for a four-end game.

The second group consisted of 6 locals who play soccer at the Greenville Recreation Center.  They have seen us curling several times and decided this was the night they would try curling.  They adapted to the game very quickly and had a lively game going with some of the Disney on Ice folks.  We look forward to seeing them on the ice again in the near future.

Both Michel and Anne had a terrific time introducing our sport to athletes from other sports.  They picked it up quickly and laughed the whole time, assuring all of us they were having a good time.  They occasionally looked over at Sheet 4 and marveled when told that all of our regulars had only been curling since June

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.  They got it, we loved it.

Though we may never see the Disney on Ice troupe again, we showed them true curling hospitality, Southern Style.  They visit several cities on their tour that have curling clubs.  We hope they visit them as well and are able to curl some more while on tour.


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