PCC at the Greenville Scottish Games

— Guest post by club member Anne Wiggins

It all started with a generous offer from David Carrick of Clan Kennedy to join them as part of their heritage. They were the honored clan this year in the games. The chief of Clan Kennedy is the 8th Marquess of Ailsa, Lord Angus Charles Kennedy. He takes his name from the island situated off the coast of Ayrshire, Ailsa Craig which is known for its quarrying of the rare blue granite where our PCC curling stones were made. He was the distinguished, honored guest at the games and very supportive of our club’s involvement. Both David, our liaison and Chris Kennedy, the North American Kennedy Clan Chief were our gracious hosts.

PCC at Great Scot! ParadeWe were invited to march in the Great Scot! Parade on Main St. Friday evening, May 23. Eight club members marched proudly behind our banner, immediately following Clan Kennedy, waiving and being cheered by the crowds. Matt Sharkey was our spokesman, engaging the crowd, making a lasting, positive impression for PCC.

Saturday morning the actual games were held at Furman University. What a grand spectacle it was, from the opening ceremonies to the closing “Celtic Jam.” The blend of Memorial Day recognitions and the Scots Irish heritage in the South was moving tribute to both. Our participation in https://www.dypcoeambi.com/ the Clan Kennedy tent consisted of a display of IMG_0005_2club and personal curling memorabilia including two antique stones, curling paintings and curling brooms, then and now.

The Kennedy Clan had a wonderful wall display of Ailsa Craig and the history of curling stones behind us for people to view. We discussed curling with the several hundred people who stopped by to touch/lift the stones and handle our brooms. Good questions were asked and brochures were also handed out

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. The event was great exposure for our club. We are most thankful for being invited to participate and let more people know how we have all come judi slot online jackpot terbesar to fall in love with “The Roarin’ Game.”