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Spring 2016 Draw Schedule

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Date Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4
4/12 7pm Odlevak – Marshall Magner – Burrows Sharkey – Ewing Practice
9pm Neufeld – Smith Practice Fort – Newell Practice
4/19 7pm Practice Newell – Ewing Smith – Burrows Fort – Odlevak
9pm Practice Sharkey – Magner Practice Neufeld – Marshall
4/26 7pm Fort – Marshall Practice Odlevak – Smith Ewing – Magner
9pm Sharkey – Neufeld Practice Practice Newell – Burrows
5/3 7pm Odlevak – Ewing Marshall – Burrows Practice Sharkey – Newell
9pm Practice Magner – Smith Fort – Neufeld Practice
5/10 7pm Sharkey – Burrows Fort – Magner Odlevak – Neufeld Ewing – Smith
9pm No Games No Games No Games No Games
5/17 7pm Practice Magner – Neufeld Newell – Odlevak Sharkey – Fort
9pm Odlevak – Neufeld Ewing – Burrows Practice Marshall – Smith
5/24 7pm Magner – Marshall Practice Fort – Ewing Sharkey – Odlevak
9pm Practice Newell – Smith Neufeld – Burrows Practice
5/31 Championships
5th Place Championship Bronze Medal 7th Place
7pm Marshall – Sharkey Ewing – Neufeld Odlevak – Smith Magner – Fort
9pm Burrows – Newell