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Fall 2014 League Substitutes

The board of directors has created a new substitute player management process beginning with the spring 2014 league. All members are expected to follow this process so that the club can more efficiently maximize the number of players curling during our ice time. Ryan Smith will be the Fall 2014 league substitute manager. Any questions about the process should be emailed to

Member Substitute Request

For league members (those assigned to a team) if you are unable to play in a scheduled game, follow the link below to send your substitute request to the substitute manager. The sub manager will manage the entire substitute assignment process from there. If your plans change and you are now able to play in a game that you already subbed out of, contact the submanager to discuss. League members should not contact other members to substitute for them. 


Substitute assignment

All substitute assignments will be handled within the eventbrite ticketing process. The cost for substitute list members per spring league session of curling is $25. For those members already part of a team on the league, substituting is at no cost. Once a substitute has been requested the sublist will be contacted via email with a specific link which will allow them to claim the substitute ticket from eventbrite. The substitute should bring a copy of this ticket with them to the curling session; as it has important information on it regarding for whom you are substituting. The skip of the team will collect the ticket.

Link to member substitute request form