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Team Delauder Jones Spring 2018

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Team Delauder Jones Roster

Name Pos
Kris KrystyniakLead
Robin MillerSecond
Clarence CorrellVice
Dave-Matt Delauder-JonesSkip

Team Delauder Jones Schedule Results

Tue, 13 Mar Team Newberry Pienkos L 3-4 Pavilion Sheet 1
Tue, 20 Mar Team Jenkins L 1-10 Pavilion Sheet 1
Tue, 27 Mar Team Dacquisto L 4-7 Pavilion Sheet 4
Tue, 10 Apr Team Van Hoy L 2-5 Pavilion Sheet 2
Tue, 17 Apr Team Neufeld L 6-8 Pavilion Sheet 4
Tue, 1 May Team Morrell L 4-8 Pavilion Sheet 3
Tue, 8 May Team Kalisman W 11-5 Pavilion Sheet 1