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2018 Spring Team Rosters

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Team Barthel - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Rick BestLead
Kraig PringleSecond
Erin HalliseyVice
John BarthelSkip
Daniel FortCoach

Team Burrows - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Kris KerrLead
Chris HallSecond
Karen HallVice
Grant BurrowsSkip

Team Dacquisto - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Eric ThomasLead
Stephen BaldwinSecond
Beth RomigVice
David DacquistoSkip
Ryan SmithCoach

Team Delauder Jones Roster

Name Pos
Kris KrystyniakLead
Robin MillerSecond
Clarence CorrellVice
Dave-Matt Delauder-JonesSkip

Team Ewing - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Laura ThompsonLead
Chris TurgeonSecond
Amy AyersVice
Robert EwingSkip

Team Jenkins - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Garrett ClarkLead
Brendan ClarkSecond
Evan ClarkVice
Greg JenkinsSkip
Bill/Linda MarshallCoach

Team Kalisman - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Philip MactaggartLead
Corey WoodallSecond
Lori ParsonsVice
Philip KalismanSkip
Kay OkenCoach

Team King - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Lori CrawfordLead
Kevin CrawfordSecond
Jason BlackwellVice
Lee KingSkip

Team Magner - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Gregory WhitlowLead
Adam SturgeonSecond
Brandy WaltersVice
Dan MagnerSkip

Team Morrell - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Cody MillerLead
Laurie KapanzhiSecond
Ann MerrymanVice
Kenton MorrellSkip

Team Neufeld - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Cecil ChasteenLead
Larry BarthelemySecond
Jackson DowneyVice
Jason NeufeldSkip

Team Newberry Pienkos Roster

Name Pos
Joseph ZinkovichLead
Barbara ZinkovichSecond
Scott LuckingVice
Tom-Jared Newberry-PienkosSkip
Alison RoarkCoach

Team Odlevak - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Jonathan JonesLead
Doug SnyderSecond
Lisa CobbVice
Sherri OdlevakSkip

Team Parker - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Emily ChampionLead
Liz FosterSecond
Kevin HutsonVice
Keith ParkerSkip

Team Quattlebaum Roster

Name Pos
Jordan KingLead
Nathaniel HooverSecond
Nathan CoyleVice
Matt QuattlebaumSkip
Dannie NewellCoach

Team Sharkey - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Amy CunyLead
Heath SeymourVice
Matt SharkeySkip

Team Sharpe - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Jennifer MasonLead
David GilpinSecond
Erik RhineVice
Nathan/Kristin SharpeSkip

Team Smith - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
William NewtonLead
Steve Fitzgerald-HobbsSecond
John BartoliVice
Doug SmithSkip

Team Van Hoy - Spring 2018 Roster

Name Pos
Michael BarberLead
Dennis WieseSecond
Lessie SturgisVice
Jillene Van HoySkip
Nicole PlanteCoach