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2018 Spring League Standings

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Current Standings

Spring Championship


Team Sharkey42192313---Quattlebaum L 5-9
Team Quattlebaum42171611---Sharkey W 9-5
Team Magner42231815---Sharpe L 6-8
Team Sharpe42251819---Magner W 8-6
Team Burrows24331516---Delauder Jones L 5-7
Team Barthel24281519---Kalisman W 7-4
Team Kalisman15401223---Barthel L 4-7


1Team Neufeld510
2Team Jenkins420
3Team Van Hoy321
4Team Dacquisto330
5Team Morrell330
6Team Newberry Pienkos231
7Team Delauder Jones060


Poinsett League

1Team Smith202
2Team Parker211
3Team Odlevak220
4Team Ewing121
5Team King130