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Team Parker Fall 2017

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Team Parker - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Jonathan JonesLead
Matt JonesSecond
Dave SilenVice
Keith ParkerSkip

Team Parker Schedule Results

Tue, 3 Oct Team Roark L 4-5 Pavilion Sheet 2
Tue, 10 Oct Team Fort W 6-4 Pavilion Sheet 1
Tue, 17 Oct Team Hadley 5-5 Pavilion Sheet 3
Tue, 24 Oct Team Smith L 3-10 Pavilion Sheet 2
Tue, 7 Nov Team Odlevak L 2-10 Pavilion Sheet 2
Tue, 14 Nov Team King W 10-1 Pavilion Sheet 1
Tue, 28 Nov Team Ewing W 8-4 Pavilion Sheet 1
Tue, 5 Dec Team Hadley L 4-5 Pavilion Sheet 2
Tue, 12 Dec Team King L 1-F Pavilion Sheet 1