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2017 Fall Team Rosters

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Team Smith - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Chris TurgeonLead
Doug SnyderSecond
Brian Champion-WescottVice
Ryan SmithSkip

Team Roark - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Andrea TartaroLead
Jillene Van HoyVice
Alison RoarkSkip

Team Burrows - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Steve HobbsLead
John BartoliSecond
Doug SmithVice
Grant BurrowsSkip

Team Ewing - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Kevin CrawfordSecond
Greg JenkinsVice
Robert EwingSkip

Team Sharpe - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Laura ThompsonLead
John BarthelSecond
Kristin SharpeVice
Nathan SharpeSkip

Team Odlevak - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Mike QueenLead
Phil KalismanSecond
Lisa CobbVice
Sherri OdlevakSkip

Team Fort - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Kimberly AndersonLead
Mark AndersonSecond
Kenton MorrellVice
Daniel FortSkip

Team Marshall - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Nigel BrooksLead
Ann MerrymanSecond
Linda MarshallVice
Bill MarshallSkip

Team King - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Neal StaniferLead
James MarshallSecond
Jason BlackwellVice
Lee KingSkip

Team Hadley - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Liz FosterLead
Kevin HutsonSecond
Dannie NewellVice
Mark HadleySkip

Team Parker - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Jonathan JonesLead
Matt JonesSecond
Dave SilenVice
Keith ParkerSkip

Team Sharkey - Fall 2017 Roster

Name Pos
Lessie SturgisLead
Jenny & Dan MagnerSecond
Alan ShawVice
Matt SharkeySkip