2011 Continental Cup – Curling’s Ryder Cup

The 2011 Continental Cup is set for January 13 – 16 in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, located near Edmonton.

The Continental Cup consists of Team North America vs. Team World.  Each team consists of six teams, three mens and three womens teams.  Team North America consists of two teams from the United States and four teams from Canada.  Six of the top European and Asian teams represent Team World.

This four-day event features regular Team games, Mixed Doubles, Mixed Skins and Skins games.  Like golf’s Ryder Cup, teams are awarded points for wins (or ties) for each segment.  The first team to reach 200 points is declared the winner.  The series is currently tied at three wins a piece.

Representing Team World will be teams skipped by Scotland’s David Murdoch from Lockerbie, Norway’s Thomas Ulsrud of Oslo, Sweden’s Niklas Edin from Karlstad, China’s Bingyu Wang of Harbin, Germany’s Andrea Schöpp of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Switzerland’s Mirjam Ott from Davos.

Team North America will be represented by four teams from Canada – skipped by Edmonton’s Kevin Martin and Kevin Koe, Calgary’s Cheryl Bernard and Winnipeg’s Jennifer Jones and two teams from the United States – skipped by Pete Fenson of Bemidji, Minnesota and Erika Brown, who now lives in Oakville, Ontario but is formerly from Madison, Wisconsin.

For more information and team line-ups, click here.