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2017 Fall League Standings

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Congratulations to Team Sharpe!  The 2017 Fall Champions!


  1. Team Sharpe
  2. Team Fort
  3. Team Smith
  4. Team Roark
  5. Team Hadley
  6. Team Ewing
  7. Team Parker
  8. Team King
  9. Team Burrows
  10. Team Marshall
  11. Team Sharkey
  12. Team Odlevak
[mstw_tourney_bracket tourney=’2017-fall-1-2s’]
[mstw_tourney_bracket tourney=’2017-fall-3-4s’]
[mstw_tourney_bracket tourney=’2017-fall-5-6s’]


Current standings as of 11/29/2017


[mstw_league_standings league=palmetto season=2017-fall]


[mstw_league_standings league=upstate season=2017-fall]


  1.  PTS – Points
  2.  Head-to-Head results
  3.  PA – Points Against
  4.  EW – Ends Won
  5.  EL – Ends Lost