Fall 2016 Draw Schedule

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Date Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4
10/4 7pm Ewing – Sharkey Marshall – Parker Smith – Odlevak Not Available
9pm Roark – Fort Neufeld – Burrows Cooney – Plante Not Available
10/11 7pm Roark – Burrows Smith – Sharkey Marshall – Plante Practice
9pm Neufeld – Cooney Parker – Odlevak Ewing – Fort Practice
10/18 7pm Neufeld – Marshall Fort – Burrows Cooney – Roark Practice
9pm Ewing – Smith Parker – Sharkey Odlevak – Plante Practice
10/25 7pm Practice Roark – Odlevak Marshall – Fort Cooney-Burrows
9pm Practice Smith – Plante Ewing – Parker Neufeld-Sharkey
11/1 7pm Practice Ewing – Neufeld Roark – Plante Marshall-Odlevak
9pm Practice Parker – Fort Cooney – Sharkey Smith-Burrows
11/8 7pm Practice Smith – Parker Neufeld – Odlevak Plante-Sharkey
9pm Practice Roark – Marshall Ewing – Burrows Cooney-Fort
11/15 7pm Practice Fort – Odlevak Ewing – Cooney Parker-Plante
9pm Practice Marshall – Burrows Neufeld – Smith Roark-Sharkey
11/22 7pm Practice Parker – Burrows Ewing Odlevak Cooney-Smith
9pm Practice Neufeld – Roark Marshall – Sharkey Fort-Plante
11/29 7pm Practice Fort – Sharkey Smith – Roark Neufeld-Parker
9pm Practice Cooney – Marshall Ewing – Plante Odlevak-Burrows
12/6 7pm Practice Cooney – Parker Odlevak – Sharkey Plante-Burrows
9pm Practice Ewing – Roark Smith – Marshall Neufeld-Fort
12/13 League Championships